Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I was commissioned by Atelier Marla to design & create a customized pottery apron with a few special features in order to make it more user friendly. The final design is on a washable plastic backed fabric so the potter stays dry when working, the skirt is split to cover legs and thighs when sitting at the wheel and it has three pockets across the front in order to keep glasses, tissues, IPod or anything else clean and dry. I have also attached a loop to the side of the pocket for a small hand towel to be hung. These aprons are now available to the public in red, green, blue and yellow. The cost is USD$40.00 plus shipping.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I have completed some envelope style cushion covers for sale and added them to the website. The results are very encouraging so I will continue to add to the collection as I find more attractive fabrics to work with. By not only sewing the seams but also serging them it will make the final result more durable and able to stand up to more pressure. The variety of sizes that are made will make them attractive to all, however they can be made in any size that is required therefore becoming not only customized to the consumer by fabric but also by size. The idea of making a personalized item is very exciting and challenging but something that I look forward to persuing on an individual basis.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well it has taken a while but the website is finally running the way I would like it to. I have also changed the way the creations are displayed on the screen. This will allow the viewer to have a much better picture of what the items really look like.
I am now working on some envelope cushion covers as well as some more gift bags and pouches for jewellery and precious items in organza. These items will also be custom order creations so that the colours will be exactly what is required to fit the particular need.
The custom order for the Pottery apron is now complete for my partner in Quebec and I will be shippping that off tomorrow. It was an extremely interesting project that turned out exactly as I had envisioned and I look forward to receiving more orders from her in the future.
I am now off on an exciting and fulfilling journey of discovery with my sewing machine.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Website problems

There seems to be a problem occuring on my website at www.wix.com/Customcreative/Custom-Creative-2 in that the pictures are appearing blurred on viewing yet appear fine on edit. I am working on the problem but so far have not been able to solve it. This is a big disappointment to me as the items are extensive with more being added all the time. I will keep working on it but will post new items to this blog as well as the website and hope for the best. In the meanwhile orders for any items can be placed with me at cmccalla3@gmail.com and payments can be by cheque or money order. Once an order is received I will email you back the price. Shipping and handling is $3.00 in Canada & the USA

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have started having problems with the resolution on my website and therefore have decided to start this blog in order for the products to still be available in the proper resolution (hopefully). Since this is a new area for me, here's hoping that at some point I will master this new technology.